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Welcome to my web site!!


The emphasis of my site is on giving you information about who I am and what I'm doing. I'll also keep this site updated with current Information as well as information regarding my upcoming events.


I'm Currently performing in Pete n Keely at Lambs Players Theater, Coronado

Extended through March 10th!!


Eileen Bowman...excellent voice, displaying impressive comic chops and wide vocal range.
  Pat Launer - www.jazz88.org


Eileen Bowman will nail every number and entertain...


Bowman shines... croons, belts, and delivers. Her renditions of "Black Coffee" and especially "Wasn't It Fine" dive beneath the showbiz veneer and resonate.


 Jeff Smith - San Diego Reader 

...course we already know what Bowman can do whether singing low-down blues or soaring operatically. Both are extraordinary farceurs and I cannot imagine anyone better than they in this show.

 Charlene Baldridge - Downtown News


With her songbird vibrato and comic chops, Bowman has been a revelation in recent Lamb’s musicals, and here she unleashes an even broader vocal range and gift for laughs. She belts with particular authority on one bluesy second-act tune that’s introduced as a selection from the enthusiastic tippler Keely’s solo album “On the Rocks.”


 James Hebert - UT San Diego

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